There are some common diseases that impacted our oral health are gum diseases, oral cancer, cavity. More than 40% of adults report having felt pain in their mouth within the last year, and more than 80% of people will have had at least one cavity by age 34. Some diseases are cured by oral treatments easily. A root canal is one of the dental treatment given by a dentist to cure tooth related problems. If you are really facing oral health-related problems take guidance from your dentist to avoid further issues.

What is mean by root canal?

During the root canal,

A root canal is performed,

A root canal is performed in a dental clinic. When you arrive for your appointment, a technician will escort you to a treatment room and place a bib around your neck to protect your clothes from stains.

What are the signs you need a root canal?

  1. If there is persistent pain: In this case, there is a lot of pain in the tooth which bothers us all the time. Sometimes, it goes for some days and may come return after some days again.
  1. Sensitivity in the tooth: If your tooth is hurting during sipping hot or cold beverages then there is a need to do root canal treatment.
  1. Swollen Gums: The gums near the painful tooth might feel tender or swollen when touched, indicating an emergency root canal treatment. swelling occurs due to acidic waste products of dead pulp tissues, which need to be removed as soon as possible through the root canal treatment.
  1. If you feel that your teeth are getting wore or loose then there is a need for root canal treatment.
  1. If there is faulty crowns or a crack or chip in the tooth, then you need to do the root canal. There is an infection due to the pulp so it results in repeated dental procedures.
  1. When a tooth gets cracked or chipped, it can expose the nerves beneath the surface of the tooth and lead to an infection. An infection in a tooth’s root can enter the bloodstream and spread. this untreated infection requires a root canal to prevent further infection and pain.
  1. When nerve and blood vessel damage occurs, you have to prepare yourself for a root canal to remove the damaged root.

The process of the root canal:

How long do root canals hurt?

Time to get recover after root canal procedure:

You can get recover from the root canal in a few days. some complicated cases take a long time like two to three weeks to get recover from the root canal.

Precautions after the root canal:

  1. Avoid eating sticky and hard food which can damage your teeth.
  2. Do brush regularly and avoid harsh use of it.
  3. Don’t chew or bite down on the treated tooth until it is fully restored by a dentist to avoid damaging it.

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