The root canal is a treatment that is provided to repair and save a tooth from getting decay.  When a tooth gets infected due to the bacteria then there is a need for a root canal. In this endodontist removes the infected pulp and nerve which is present in the root of the tooth and then fills the space which is generated by this. Root canal treatment is a medical procedure and once the treatment is provided the patients think that they are fine now. But one should take care of their teeth after the root canal also. They should look at their diet and brush their teeth 2 times a day. One should follow all the requirements which are needed to keep the tooth in good condition and away from bacteria.

Process for Speeding Up of Root Canal

The root canal seems a bit scary to the people. But there is no need to worry about this particular thing. If one takes their care nicely then they can easily get recover from this. For getting a speedy recovery one can follow the following steps :

Head Position

When the doctor completes the root canal and all the procedure is finished then there is a chance that one will get swelling and pain around their mouth. To get rid of this one can keep their head in an elevated position. Try to add two pillows during the sleep this will help to keep your head elevated.

Gargle Using Saltwater

After the root canal one of the major risk that one can infect the gum which is surrounded by the tooth. This can cause severe pain to the patient. This thing can be avoided easily if you gargle your mouth using saltwater. This will further help in the speedy recovery.

Eating Cold Foods

After the root canal is over one should prefer to eat an ice-cream. This cold ice-cream helps to keep down the inflammation and will keep the infection away which will help the patient in getting the recovery as soon as possible. If the ice cream is not available or the patient does not like eating ice creams then they can use a cold compass. For the first few days after the root canal, one can use the cold compass to keep their tooth from infection.

Diet Plan

One should avoid eating and drinking hot beverages, alcohol, smoking, drinking something using a straw, chocolates, lollipops, etc. This food can cause inflammation over the gums and could cause heavy pain around the mouth. It may also lead to swelling and that will affect getting a speedy recovery.

Avoiding Hard Work

After the completion of the root canal, one should stop themselves from going to running, hiking, playing any sports, skipping, etc. These things must be avoided for around 72 hours.

Contact Dentist

One can feel that they are not getting rid of the pain even after the root canal, in that scenario they should visit their dentist. If one experiences bleeding, swelling, severe pain, fever or any other issue they should contact their dentist as soon as possible.


One should use the medicines which are prescribed by the dentist. Other pain killers which are available in the shop of the chemist may backfire on you. So try to avoid those medicines and take the medicines which are given by your dentist.

Taking Care of Teeth

Brushing the teeth two times in a day is must important after the root canal. This will help in the speedy recovery of the patient. Use of toothpaste containing fluoride will help in this situation.


It is easy to get recovery after the root canal. One should focus on the above points and act accordingly. The things which are needed to be avoided must be followed. Taking care of the teeth after the root canal will help in not decaying tooth and can help the patient from not visiting a dentist further with teeth related issues.

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