Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease which is caused by the newly discovered virus named coronavirus.

This virus spreads when small droplets from the nose or mouth which are spread when a person having COVID-19 coughs or exhales.

The most common symptoms of this virus are fever, facing problems while breathing, and dry cough.

Apart from these two if someone is having a problem of aches and pain, headache, rash in the skin they should also get tested.

In some cases, people who are not suffering from the above symptoms but they are getting covid positive.

If someone is suffering from this virus takes around 4 to 5 days to know that one is having this disease.

If someone is having any symptoms mentioned above they should not get panic instead they should consult their doctor.

Since the vaccine for this virus is not available it doesn’t mean that we cannot fight with this virus. One should take the precaution and safety measures that are told by the WHO and government of India.

It includes washing your hands properly for around 20 to 30 seconds. Use alcohol-based sanitizer to sanitize your hand at regular intervals.

One should make at least 6 feet distance from another person. One should always try to wear a mask.

Try not to touch your eyes, nose, mouth, lips, and any other body organ. The most important thing is to stay at home and stay safe.

The best treatment for this virus is self-treatment. The people who are having a good immune system are getting relief from this virus.

So one should try to build a strong immune system. One should eat fresh and healthy food. Fruits can help to boost your immune power.

Eating junk food or restaurant made food can be dangerous. One should regularly do exercise and yoga.

People who are seriously affected by this virus can use ventilators and plasma therapy. Apart from these, there is one more thing on which people must be serious about and that is ‘oral health’.

Oral health is the health between the lips to the pharynx. That means lips, teeth, gums, cheeks, tongue, and pharynx.

The health of all these organs is called oral health. In simple words, we can say that oral health is dental health.

Oral health helps in the development of any human being.

The study has shown that having good oral health helps to fight bacteria and viruses.

This thing is also true for COVID-19. In terms of building good oral health :

You should wash your hands before and after brushing and flossing. Floss can help to remove the plague from the area where the brush cannot reach. It also removes the food which is stuck between the teeth.

Should brush your teeth twice a day and also try to brush your tongue in this process. Most of the people neglect to brush twice. Brushing twice a day helps to prevent cavities and removes plaque.

But brushing teeth can only be effective if you brush with the right technique. You should brush using small circular motions, taking care to brush the front, back, and top of every tooth.

You should not brush hardly because it may damage your tooth enamel and gums. Bristle variety of brushes should be used for brushing since they are most comfortable 

Try to use a toothpaste containing fluoride. It helps us to fight with tooth decay and protect teeth from germs.

Fluoride helps to strengthen the enamel of the tooth. Apart from this, you can also add fluoride in drinking water to protect your teeth from cavities.

You should never share your toothbrush with anyone. And should change your toothbrush after every 3 or 4 months

Those who are addicted to tobacco should stop eating it or try to eat it less than normal days. Those who smoke should stop smoking as well.

It decreases your immune system which makes the body heal tissues including those which are related to mouths. It also yellows your teeth.

You can also use mouthwash. A study has found that using a mouthwash containing chlorhexidine, an antibacterial ingredient helps in controlling plaque.

You should avoid eating food that has high quantity and sugar and starch content. Sugar may damage your immune system.

Consumption of, ore sugary products may cause diabetes and it is also not good for your heart. You should drink more and more water than soft drinks, cold drinks, or sugary drinks.

Studies have shown eating more sugary products causes wrinkles which are a natural sign of aging. It also increases the risk of fatty liver.

These are some oral health tips which one should follow not just to fight with covid but also with most of the other diseases.

One should be aware of covid but should not panic until the vaccine is made. But till that time you have to take care of your health and the immune system.

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