As we all know, food, shelter & cloth are our basic needs. If we wish to survive better, we require these necessary things. If we can talk about food, our teeth play a most important role. Our teeth help us chew and digest meat. Without our good teeth, we can’t love our meal. If we deal with any complication with this, we regularly go to consult a dentist for treatment. 

The total population of India is 135.26 crore. Half of the Indians are suffering from dental issues. The global market size of the Indian dental market is $2 billion. The market growth is 20%. Nowadays India is one of the fastest-growing dental markets. As per the resources, people are more aware of their looks, personality, and health. Everyone wants an excellent quality of teeth for the betterment of their personality.

What is the current situation of dentists in India?

      It takes a lot of struggles to get a degree in dentistry. Every year thousands of students take admission for dentistry. In the current situation, graduates are dealing with a lot of troubles because of the absence of government help and opportunity of jobs. Because of this, there are negative waves in the dental profession. Parents students think there is no better success after their education.

The major reasons behind this negativity are:

· Lack of government jobs.

· Lack of support from the government.

· There is a top competition during private practice & jobs.

· Lack of awareness of the importance of oral health in societies.

· A few governments seat.

· High fees of private colleges difficult to afford for middle-class people.

· Lack of practice in the dental field.

What it can do to increase the positive growth of dentistry?

                  It is important to concentrate on dentistry. Dental health is as important as our other health. It is necessary to motivate students graduates to make them a further career in the dental industry. The problem of dental health is increasing day by day because of a change in the environment. slither is a bright future for this industry. We should understand this according to changing conditions. 

There are some things which can be done:

Now, it’s important to know about the future scope of dentistry. Present situations may impact on future dentists in India. But, as per the changes in the environment, the lifestyle of people, there is a high demand for the dentists in India.

Mainly, there are the following things which will impact on future dentist growth.

They are:

      The environmental changes which affect the dental health of people. The impacts are like unclean water. People living in developing and underdeveloped areas may suffer oral health deterioration well into their adulthood. This condition also impacts on tooth loss, gum disease, and even oral cancer. The increased amount of air pollution also affects dental health. So, there will be high demand for dental clinics, hospitals. People will need proper treatment for their teeth as they will be more aware of their health.

                      If we see and understand these problems, there will be a high demand for dentist future in India. people will pay money for advance treatments. because of this increased demand, students will also choose a dentist as a career option. The government will have to make students’ career better for the beneficiary of society.

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